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I have some advice for costume people. Don't design a low budget feature. Only design if you have a budget of about £2million and have a team of about 20 people.

I'm designing a feature film. I haven't slept properly in 2 weeks. I'm incredibly stressed out (however my cool calm exterior remains intact). I don't know if i'm doing a good job or the director is happy. I've had no complaints from cast yet. I can't drive anywhere so it's an everyday stress figuring out how to get into work and how to carry everything into work. My budget is tiny and most of the main cast have 3 costume changes. I can barely afford all their stuff. Then they threw in loads of uniforms to hire. My brain is going to explode!

The cast are all lovely thank god.

Today we had a new character starting who they only cast last night at about 8pm. All I have to say is thank goodness he was happy to wear his own suit for the first day.

My assistant got arrested today because I called her while she was driving. I feel so incredibly guilty.

And as if work wasn't stressful enough i'm having problems with a friend of mine from uni who sent me an incredibly rude email considering I hadn't spoken to her in a month. I sent a rather abrupt email back and she replied with a sob story excuse email. I am so angry about it but I don't have the time to properly sort it out.

One good thing that has happened recently is that I brought a memory foam orthopedic mattress so my back doesn't hurt anymore! It's incredible I recommend it to anyone with bad back.

It's here!

Hunt for Gollum has now officially been online for 6 and a half hours. There are already over 200 messages on the guestbook from people who have seen it. Exciting stuff.

I saw it yesterday at the premiere screening for cast and crew. It was at the Prince Charles cinema in Leicester Square and everyone wore black tie and dresses. It was so smart! It's a shame the projector and the sound quality weren't great there though. Still awesome. I got called up on stage towards the end to say thank you and got given a copy on dvd and some crew dog tags.

I went today to the world premiere screening at sci fi London. Pretty scary watching it with the first public viewers but I think it went down well. It looked much better on this screen.

I love it so much. I can't believe how good it looks.

I hope everyone likes it as much as me...
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Important News!

I have finally seen The Dark Knight!!!! \o/

It's only taken me 3 months. I refused to see it first on dvd and last night was the Imaxs last showing before february so I went.

It was amazing! That opening shot of flying onto the buildings I really felt like I was flying. The sceneary shots were fantastic on the Imax screen.

Heath Ledger was even better than I was expecting. I knew he would be good because eveyone has told me he was but he was fantastic. He was just so creepy and awesome.

I did feel like there was too much happening in it though. I think I prefer Batman Begins but i'd like to see it again.

And I made my sister love it! She'd not really wanted to see either and I made her watch BB yesterday before we left and she loved that and then she really loved TDK. Sucess!