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ponchki's Journal

26 October 1984
I am a costume design/make graduate. I love everything costume and I really love seeing fan made costumes. I aim to be a costume designer for films but thats a long way coming...

Films I have worked on: Click pictures to be taken to the official sites.
Only 2 that will be released for the world so far. I have worked on more!

I love photoshop art! I am addicted to Deviantart and seeing the amazing stuff that is on there. It makes me quite jealous sometimes but then I just try and learn how they did it to improve my own work. I like doing blends and poster designs too and getting carried away designing my buisness card and other stuff. I seriously spend way to much time on the computer...It's just dawning on me.

I don't make blends anymore simply because I don't have the time. You can find a list of all the brush and texture sources that I used in my blends and icons when I made themhere

A list of all my blends and the awards I have won for them can be found here

I am also a HUGE fangirl. I love so many things I am not even going to try and list them on here.

Here is my beloved Tiger.
March 1993 - January 2008.